What is Archon?

Archon is a collection management tool for library and archives repositories that integrates archival description and public access. It features the abilities to record descriptive information about collections and digital objects and also a means to view, search, and browse that information in a fully-functional public web site. For more information, see the official Archon website hosted by the original developers at the University of Illinois.

Archon 3.21-rev 3 FAQs

Is the Archon 3.21-rev3 (the Archon Stability Update Project) an "official" release?

  • While Archon is no longer supported in the way that it used to be, the Archon 3.21-rev3 code is officially merged in the Archon project GitHub page. This was not developed in the same way as past Archon code releases. The 3.21-rev3 release was developed via contract work, funded by seven institutional partners who were all invested in making Archon last for at least a few more years. 

Is Archon 3.21-rev3 safe for me to use and update?

  • Archon 3.21-rev3 was developed by experienced software developers and has been tested by a number of institutions with diverse collection types. It does not include any changes to the database structure of Archon, so it should be relatively easy for most instances to update to this release. However, like with all new releases, it is probably a good idea to make a copy of your database and test this new code prior to updating your current instance. Additionally, if you have heavy customization and unique themes, you will need to make the appropriate changes to the updated code. If this doesn't make sense, make sure you collaborate with a programming person who understands PHP and can help you with this step. 

How long will Archon 3.21-rev3 work?

  • One of the main goals for the development of Archon 3.21-rev3 was to make Archon compatible with PHP 5.6. So, theoretically, this code release should work for as long as your instance uses PHP 5.6.  

General Archon FAQs

How can I get on a mailing list for software update announcements?

  • We currently do not have a centralized mailing list. However, we have started a List of Archon Users spreadsheet in order to facilitate cross-user communication. See more on the page List of Archon Users.

Where should I report bugs and glitches?

  • There is an official Archon Forum for ongoing peer-to-peer discussions, bug reports, etc. This is not a heavily moderated forum, so response rates are slow; but it is a place to search for known issues and report others. 

What if I need help with Archon?

  • Please consult the official and user-generated manuals under Links. Archon is open-source software; users can help each other as a community.

Who owns Archon?

  • Archon was originally created and maintained by the University of Illinois. Technically, the software is open-source and can be downloaded, used, and modified by anybody and the code can be accessed on the GitHub page. Archon was moved to "unsupported status" in 2012, but our Archon Update Project has revitalized the software and the community. The University of Illinois still holds ownership over aspects of Archon, however we are excited to contribute to Archon as a user community for the time being.