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Updates: January 2018

Please note- this email is now addressed to the entire group of Archon users from the list on the website, the user survey, were part of the update project, or attended Archon Day 2017.  The previous December email was not complete in its distribution.  I know a giant list of email addresses isn't the most convenient or secure, so I'll be looking into an easier way to email everybody, possibly using a mailing listserv type thing. We had a number of folks interested in attending another Archon Day.  Since we are already in 2018, I'll throw Denison University in the ring as a possible hosting location. Anne Salsich has also suggested Oberlin College as a possibility.  Are there any other folks willing to host? If so, please let me know within the next two weeks.  We are at a compressed timeline, so we will need to make plans as soon as possible.

I also have a revised update from Laurie Arp at Lyrasis regarding the Archon/ArchivesSpace Migration Tool:
ArchivesSpace released a…