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Updates: June 2017

June 2017 Following Archon Day, the participants agreed that there were four areas where we needed to do some work:
Migration: How long will the migration tool work? How will ASpace develop their upgrades? How long will Archon continue to be "migrate-able" to ASpace?Research: How are other open source software governed and managed? Ex: Omeka, AtoM, Archivematica, OHMS, Duraspace, etc. Note: a similar project is underway from Lyrasis with final report estimated to be available late 2018Survey/Census: Who are the current Archon users and what are their needs and expectations? Who can help support Archon in the future (time, money, resources, etc.)? Deadline: February 2018Communication: We need a space for centralized, up to date information. Figure out something by July 2017.